Sexual Assault Allegations at LA University

Sexual Assault Allegations at LA University

Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles is warning their students to stay away from events associated with any unrecognized off-campus fraternities.

Rape Allegation Report

Over 9,000 students and other members of the Loyola Marymount University campus community in Los Angeles were sent a rape report about the November 1st investigation into the reported sexual assault at a party by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Although this fraternity is listed on the LMU website, its not registered with the University. This sexual assault report is just one of many made at events hosted by this fraternity. The rape report stated, “Based upon this new information, and given the potential for ongoing safety and security risks, the University strongly recommends that all students and LMU community members consider avoiding events affiliated with, organized, hosted or sponsored by SAE.”

Investigation of Sexual Assault Allegations by LAPD

The report stated that the LAPD and campus security are both investigating these allegations brought against the fraternity. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity is located approximately three miles from the LMU campus in Westchester. According to a local resident, the parents of an alleged victim has been handing flyers out warning their neighbors that “a violent rape/strangulation occurred in your neighborhood.”

In addition to LAPD and campus security, the national headquarters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is also investigating the sexual assault allegations where members of “our group at Loyola Marymount University may have been present.” In an email, fraternity spokesman Brandon Meghorst wrote, “Any form of assault or sexual misconduct is unacceptable, and we will not tolerate actions that are inconsistent with our values.”

College Campus Sexual Assault Report in Rolling Stone

Sexual assaults such as the alleged case at LMU recently came to light in a Rolling Stone Magazine article about a woman being gang raped at a University of Virginia fraternity house. The article sparked national debate about college campus security and how colleges deal with rape allegations. Rolling Stone has now stated the woman’s story had discrepancies.

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