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Samantha Greene

Sevens Legal Criminal Lawyers

With over a decade of experience in representing clients in criminal defense cases, attorney Samantha Ashley Greene of Sevens Legal Criminal Lawyers in San Diego is passionately committed to her client’s success.

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Dan Greene

Sevens Legal Criminal Lawyers

Dan is Samantha’s husband as well as an outstanding trial lawyer who is well known in the San Diego Criminal Defense world.

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Jay Monico

Sevens Legal Criminal Lawyers

Attorney Jay Monico of Sevens Legal Criminal Lawyers in San Diego is a skilled criminal defense attorney with extensive negotiation, trial and litigation experience, and he is committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of clients in San Diego County and throughout Southern California.

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Crystal Erlandson

Sevens Legal Criminal Lawyers

With over 15 years of experience in criminal defense, Crystal Erlandson has dedicated her career to representing defendants from all walks of life and aggressively defending the rights of all her clients.

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Noah Huston

Sevens Legal Criminal Lawyers

With a primary focus on DUI cases, he has successfully represented clients in the San Diego Superior Court System however, Noah Huston’s expertise extends to a wide range of criminal cases, allowing him to provide comprehensive legal support to individuals facing various charges.

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Ben Steigerwalt

Sevens Legal Criminal Lawyers

Born and raised in San Diego, Ben understands how important it is to help out local residents.

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Chris Lawson

Sevens Legal Criminal Lawyers

Christopher has been practicing criminal defense ever since graduating law school, defending clients in many misdemeanor and felony cases.