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Drug Crimes

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Reducing the Prison Population Incarcerated for Drugs

Drugs have been a part of all areas of American culture for years, including social and political. A large segment of the population seems to spend their time on the desire to get high! From looking at history, this isn’t a recent occurrence. As long as people have existed, drugs have also existed as a […]

Pot is Legal in California

Come January 1, 2018, pot will be legal for adult-use in California. As a result of the passing of Proposition 64, the state will be opening its dispensaries to the general public. California Legalizes Pot The fact that marijuana will be legal in California is something that even state regulators are excited for. “I know […]

Prescription Drugs in America Today

Illegal drugs have always had a negative image in the culture of modern America. They’re usually thought of as only used by the fringes of society, and definitely not used by what society considers upstanding citizens. However, history has proven that the doors in America have long been held open by all levels of society […]

The History of Organized Crime in America

The 20th century of American history has seen organized crime play out in movies and television, bringing their story into the consciousness of the nation. Older Americans who remember the beginnings of the TV age may remember Senator Estes Kefauver and the “Special Committee to Investigate Crime in Interstate Commerce” he had that repeatedly questioned […]

You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney if You Have a Teenager

Needing a criminal defense attorney for your teen may sound crazy, but in a media-savvy world it can be a necessity. Raising a Teenager in 2015 In this new media-saturated world of Twitter, Instagram, and Tinder, sometimes your once loving child may seem like a monster that refuses to pay attention to anything you say […]

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