Crystal Erlandson

Crystal Erlandson

With over 15 years of experience in criminal defense, Crystal Erlandson has dedicated her career to representing defendants from all walks of life and aggressively defending the rights of all her clients.

Though her primary focus is on serious Federal felony cases, Ms. Erlandson has also spent a significant amount of time in Superior Court, appearing often in San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles and Imperial Counties.

Ms. Erlandson’s extensive trial experience includes dozens of jury trials in both Federal and State Court. She has successfully obtained acquittals and dismissals where her clients have been falsely accused of crimes. Her professionalism has garnered the respect of judges and prosecutors and she as earned a reputation as a litigator that will not be intimidated by complex legal issues or copious amounts of evidence.

Also an expert negotiator, Ms. Erlandson has resolved cases with reduced charges, often obtaining probation on cases where clients were facing lengthy prison sentences. She has been able to prevent criminal charges from being filed by interacting with law enforcement and prosecutors during the investigation stage.

Ms. Erlandson has handled all types of Federal cases including border busts, wire fraud, insurance fraud, alien smuggling, immigration fraud, human trafficking, racketeering and money laundering.

In State court, Ms. Erlandson’s experience includes cases involving murder, attempted murder, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping for ransom, financial crimes, felony evading, domestic violence, narcotics trafficking, sexual assault, theft, resisting arrest and firearms offenses. She has handled cases in Juvenile court, and cases involving special allegations related to gang activity and prior strike convictions.

Recognizing that facing criminal charges is the most arduous experience many defendants have ever faced; her personal touch ensures that each of her client’s individual needs and concerns are addressed throughout the case. When their case is concluded, Ms. Erlandson’s clients are confident that every option has been thoroughly examined and the result she has obtained is the best possible outcome that could have been achieved.

Ms. Erlandson’s experience also includes handling various post-conviction matters, restraining order cases, and representing special needs students in claims against school districts to obtain special education services for which they were entitled.

Ms. Erlandson has been admitted to practice before all courts in the State of California, United States District Court for the Southern District of California, Central District of California, and Northern District of California and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.