Theft of Heisman Trophy Case Re-Opened

Theft of Heisman Trophy Case Re-Opened

Twenty years after the theft of OJ Simpson’s Heisman Trophy from Heritage Hall at USC in 1994, the Los Angeles Police Department obtained a search warrant in order to check phone records belonging to the man they believe stole it.

Heisman Trophy and Jersey 1968 Theft

OJ Simpson was awarded the Heisman Trophy in 1968, and the Trophy as well as his #32 jersey were stolen from the display case in Heritage Hall on the USC campus 20 years ago. TMZ, a celebrity news site, reported that this was a cold case until recently a man called USC claiming he had bought the Heisman Trophy years ago from a friend and was calling USC in order to confirm it was authentic.

Statute of Limitations Has Passed for Heisman Trophy Theft

Although USC confirmed that it was the real Heisman Trophy that was stolen, investigators believe the man who called inquiring about it’s authenticity was the actual thief who stole it 20 years ago. Last month when they went to court in order to get a search warrant to track the suspect down and retrieve the Trophy and jersey they discovered the alleged suspect can’t be prosecuted due to the fact that the statute of limitations has passed.

Heisman Trophy and Jersey Belong to USC

USC actually owns the Heisman Trophy that was stolen. OJ Simpson sold the trophy that belonged to him for $255,500 to pay part of the $33 million he owed from the wrongful death civil judgment in the death of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

The Heisman Trophy is awarded each year by the New York Athletic Club for the player chosen as the best in college football.

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