What Are Pre-File Investigations?

What Are Pre-File Investigations?

When the police are actively investigating an individual because they suspect them of a crime, but formal charges have not been filed, it is referred to as pre-file investigations. A strong indication that charges may be coming, and you are under investigation, may include law enforcement agencies trying to contact you, your friends, family, or employer to ask them questions. In many cases a search warrant could already be issued.

Protect Yourself in Pre-File Investigations

To protect your rights and prevent further invasive inquiries, it’s critical to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as you learn of the investigation.

Pre-File Investigations Defense

Crimes, such as white collar crimes, usually require long and extensive investigations. Even though pre-file investigations usually require considerable amounts of time, it is best to hire a pre-filing criminal defense attorney immediately in order to prepare an effective pre-filing defense. Many times a good defense of this type of defense prevents charges being filed against you, or having a felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor.

Protect Your Rights in Pre-File Investigations

During this type of investigation, authorities may try to pressure you into telling your side of the story, thus revealing damaging information that can be used against you. During pre-file investigations, it’s critically important to always invoke your Fifth Amendment rights to remain silent. Remember that you are not required to talk to anybody or do anything, especially if it jeopardizes the pending case against you.

A Defense Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

Hiring a defense attorney before any charges are file against you can help your avoid a court trial as well as avoiding jail. Your attorney can meet with investigators and/or prosecutors to not only protect your interests but to discuss any facts in the case. Knowing the facts or being aware of the defense your attorney will use may persuade them to drop any charges before any are filed.

Delay of Filed Charges

It quite common in for law enforcement agencies to execute search warrants for businesses and residences before filing charges or making an arrest immediately. Never assume that they don’t have a solid case just because criminal charges aren’t filed. Many times there are a number of reasons charges aren’t filed immediately. In many cases the statute of limitations may have ended, although some crimes have no statute of limitations. If there isn’t a need to file charges immediately, the police can take time in their investigation before they’re ready to file.

If there are pre-filing investigations against you for a possible crime, it’s imperative that you procure a criminal defense attorney such as Sevens Legal Criminal Lawyers. Contact Sevens Legal Criminal Lawyers, today for a free consultation.

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