The Facts of Driving Under the Influence

The Facts of Driving Under the Influence

It’s illegal as well as dangerous when driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Hundreds of people are killed every day in DUI-related accidents due to drivers that drink and/or do drugs then drive.

Facts to Know About Driving Under the Influence

Some facts you may or may not know about include:

  • Impairment isn’t caused by the type of alcohol a person drinks but how much alcohol is drunk during a certain period of time. After taking that last drink only the passage of time will sober a person up. Many myths about how to “sober up” quickly include cold showers, coffee, or even exercising, but they’re only myths.
  • A driver who drives under the influence will drive that way about 80 times before being arrested the first time for DUI.
  • In the U.S., somebody is kill in a DUI-related accident every 53 minutes. That’s about 27 people a day. Every 90 seconds a person is injured in a DUI-related accident.
  • There is a strict “No Tolerance” policy in the U.S. for drivers under 21. If you’re under 21 you cannot have any amount of alcohol in your system while behind the wheel. If found guilty of this you can lose your license, incur fines, or go to jail.
  • Over 9800 people were killed or injured In 2011 by a drunk driver.
  • Traffic accidents amongst teens are the leading cause of death, with about one third involving alcohol or drugs.
  • Over 200 children were killed In 2010 in DUI crashes, 62% of whom were in the car driven by the impaired driver.

Know the Facts If Driving Under the Influence

Knowing the consequences and facts of driving under the influence may help you make the right decision when deciding to get behind the wheel. There are a lot of statistics about the topic of DUI, make sure you’re not part of them. The best way to make sure you’re never involved in a DUI-related accident that could cause somebody their life, is to pledge to never drink or do drugs and then drive.

Contact an Attorney if Charged with DUI

You should immediately contact an attorney experienced in DUI cases, such as Sevens Legal Criminal Lawyers, if you are charged with driving under the influence. They can help by advising you on the best course of action in your case, as well as help reduce fines, jail time, or other potential penalties you may face. Contact Sevens Legal Criminal Lawyers, today for a free consultation.

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