Santee Criminal Defense Lawyers Are United Against Constitutional Violence

Santee Criminal Defense Lawyers Are United Against Constitutional Violence

If the officer recently arrested you with criminal charges, you will need the services of Santee criminal defense lawyers. They are your agents in court and will always look out for your best interest. A criminal conviction can severely hurt your lifestyle. It negatively influences your personal and professional lives. Rest assured, expert help is on the way!

At our firm, Santee criminal defense lawyers understand that the circumstances are overwhelming. You are frustrated, anxious, and unable to recognize the reality. You may face long-term consequences and penalties if the court convicts you of felony or misdemeanor charges. Also, the outcomes are the same for a first-time offense, too. Guidance from well-versed lawyers is necessary for acquittal and freedom.

Our Santee criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience in representing their Santee clients. They have the right resources. Moreover, the lawyers have the response for aggressive prosecution charges. You can trust your advocate, who is dedicated to learning about the facts rather than arguing conjecture.

Which criminal areas do we practice?

The Santee criminal defense lawyers working at our firm have the legal expertise, knowledge, and skills to supervise complex cases. Since its conception, the team has successfully represented clients with the following charges.

  1. Assault and battery
  2. Secondly, burglary
  3. Thirdly, drug possession
  4. Driving under influence
  5. Forgery and grand theft
  6. Home invasion
  7. Petty theft and shoplifting
  8. Lastly, restraining order violations

No discussion or crime is too small for our team. Even if the police state is charging you with a misdemeanor, a conviction will devastate your friends, family, and loved ones. Therefore, contact our office to schedule a meeting with the Santee criminal defense lawyers. The staff will review the details and determine the best defense. Meanwhile, we will also explain your legal rights to give you a confidence boost.

Why hire Santee criminal defense lawyers?

Santee criminal defense lawyers have many tricks up their sleeves when clients hire them to defend their rights. Moreover, they also implement a successful strategy so the court dismisses the criminal charges. Santee criminal defense lawyers are investigators, negotiators, litigators, writers, and researchers all in one. Their clients confidently walk into the courtroom because of the lawyer’s experience and knowledge. Here are a few reasons to hire them

Investigation of the crime

The Santee criminal defense lawyers ask you to recount the events before the arrest. Subsequently, they will ask about the arrest and the interaction with the officer. With the information, they will carry a thorough research. The information will determine the weaknesses of the prosecution team as well as the case.

  1. Firstly, they will examine the police images, reports, and evidence.
  2. Secondly, they will interview witnesses.
  3. The lawyer will confirm and establish alibis.
  4. Lastly, they will consult witnesses.
  5. Researching the law

The law and statutes related to the case are equally as important as other details. The well-experienced Santee criminal defense lawyers will find cases with similar circumstances. As a result, they know what to argue. The information is crucial in winning the case because the defense is powerful.

Negotiating with the prosecutor

Unfortunately, many criminal cases go to trial. In other words, the lawyers and prosecution will resolve a few cases outside of the court. Therefore, the lawyers at our firm will use personalized strategy to come up with a detailed plan. The team will leverage with the prosecution so they agree to reduce or erase the charges. The lawyers will identify the weaknesses in the case. Furthermore, they can argue about the complexities of the burden of proof. Lastly, they will advise the client to accept or reject the counteroffers.

A powerful defense

Of course, you will need the services of the best Santee criminal defense lawyers to defend you in court. Do not hesitate to call us if you are unsatisfied with the plea offers or believe you deserve a better outcome. Our lawyers understand it is necessary to connect with the jury with arguments involving logic.

The outcomes of a conviction in Santee, CA

Criminal Charges

When the court convicts of criminal crimes, you must complete the sentence. The penalty will specifically represent your crime. A judge will examine the mitigating and aggravating elements in your case to decide on a fitting punishment. Even though criminal consequences vary, they will include:

  1. Firstly, the convicted is detained in the San Diego County Jail
  2. Secondly, you will spend the prison sentence in the California State Penitentiary
  3. In addition, you will pay thousands of dollars in fines
  4. You must pay for victim restation
  5. Lastly, you will face probation

Additional consequences

Your future is extremely burdened because the court has convicted you of the crime. Consequently, the court has added the details to your criminal record. As a result, you will encounter collateral damages. These unfortunate outcomes are not linked to the crime. However, they are present because of their criminal record. You will now begin to reminisce about the things you took for granted. Santee’s collateral consequences from a conviction are:

  1. You will lose the custody of a child. Furthermore, you cannot visit them.
  2. You will lose the right to own a gun.
  3. Also, you will face difficulty in securing lasting employment.
  4. You will face challenges in renting. Buying a home is also difficult.
  5. In addition, you cannot register for government welfare programs.
  6. Lastly, you may lose career-related licenses, reputation, and clients.

Reach out to the best Santee criminal defense lawyers today

When you hire Santee criminal defense lawyers, they will handle the criminal case. The prosecution is already experienced and is aiming for a conviction. Therefore, a well-experienced lawyer will add to their stress. Also, the lawyer will calm an overwhelming altercation.

With the help of our lawyers, the prosecution is unable to collect the evidence they need to prove you are guilty. Since they must argue beyond a reasonable doubt, it makes our job a lot easier. Walk into our offices during business hours if you are facing criminal charges.

Our Santee criminal defense lawyers will do everything they can to reduce to implications of an arrest. Furthermore, they will support you as the future unfolds. You have the power to fight against your charges, so never give up. The initial meeting is completely free and does not involve financial obligations.