Best Theft Lawyers San Marcos, CA, Protect Your Reputation!

Best Theft Lawyers San Marcos, CA, Protect Your Reputation!

Are you in need of the best theft lawyers in San Marcos, CA? The initial or pending penalties may scare you. You fear for your reputation among friends, family, employees, place of work, and the community. Expert legal help is on the way to minimize the influence of the accusations.

What are the different categories of theft crimes?

The best theft lawyers in San Marcos, CA, will protect you from the harsh stance of the prosecution team. Your lawyer will challenge different flaws. They handle the following different theft crimes.

Petty theft

If an individual takes property from someone that is valued at less than $950, the court will consider it petty theft. It is a wobble crime that the prosecution can bring forward as an offense or a misdemeanor.

Grand theft

The second category is grand theft where the monetary value of the stolen item exceeds $950. The court will determine the nature of the time after assessing the fair market value. Grand theft is also a wobbler crime. The prosecution charges the accused with a felony or misdemeanor.

Grand theft auto

Grand theft auto time means illegally taking a vehicle with the intention of not returning it. Similar to previous categories, gran theft is also a wobbler crime.

If an individual breaks into someone’s property with the intention of felony or theft, the legal system defines it as burglary.

Car Jacking

Carjacking is also a theft crime. It involves the accused taking control of a vehicle using force. They may use coercion or instill fear. The crime is a felony.

Identify fraud

If an individual steals someone’s personal information for fraudulent purposes, the prosecution will charge them with the wobbler crime. You will need the services of the best theft lawyers in San Marcos, CA, for acquittal.


The last crime on the list is embezzlement. It involves using the property someone entrusted to you for personal gain. The prosecution considers it a petty theft or a grand theft crime.

What are the penalties for theft crime in California?

Penalties for theft according to the stolen. If the property is valued at less than $950, it is a misdemeanor charge. Here are the consequences

California Penal Code section 484a

California Penal Code Section 484a carries the definition of the crime. Furthermore, it categorizes the crime as a criminal offense. In addition, the subsection mentions the circumstances of a theft conviction. In simple words, theft means intentionally taking away parts of legally owned property from someone into your possession.

For example:

  1. Firstly, an individual steals someone’s car that is valued at less than $950.
  2. The individual steals something from a shop.
  3. The individual takes money from the cash register. An employee takes money from the deposit box.
  4. In addition, an individual takes money from someone’s wallet. They take personal items as well.
  5. Lastly, a neighbor borrows a lawnmower and refuses to give it back to the owner.

In short, the value of the stolen property and the way the accused stole it decides the important factors in the courtroom.

California Penal Code Section 459.5

California Penal Code Section 459.5 discusses the events theft takes place in an office or a retail store. The prosecution can convert the charges into shoplifting.

California Penal Code Section 490

California Penal Code Section 490 discusses the different penalties of the crime. An individual has to pay a fine of $1000, spend a maximum of six months in jail, or face both.

How harsh are the penalties?

If the prosecution is seeking the theft crime as an offense, the consequences are severe. The House passed Proposition 47 in 2014. As a result, many misdemeanors became felonies under state law. The consequences for theft felonies vary according to the items that the individual took.

For example, the court will punish the individual for grand theft with a three-strikes rule. The first time, the offender will spend three years in prison in addition to paying $5000 fines. When the three strikes apply, the convicted is sent to prison for 25 years.

The outcomes in the Theft cases in San Marcos, CA,

The best theft lawyers in San Marcos, CA, understand the outcomes of the case depend on the circumstances. However, they will fight tooth and nail to defend the clients. Initially, they aim to convince the court to drop the charges. Here are some of the outcomes you can expect after hiring our expert lawyers

The charges are dropped

As soon as you hire the best theft lawyers in San Marcos, CA, who have been working at the firm for years, they will begin examining the evidence. The lawyers will utilize their resources to scrutinize the events from different perspectives. If they discover that the prosecution gained the evidence illegally, the opposition cannot use them in court. Our lawyers will argue the legality of the evidence in court. As a result, the judge will drop the charges.

A plea deal

A plea deal is the second-best outcome in a theft case. Unfortunately, the evidence the prosecution presented is very compelling. Therefore, our lawyers arranged a plea deal that involved a lenient penalty. Our lawyers are aiming to keep their clients away from jail. They will convince the client to accept the offer. Otherwise, the lawyers will continue representing them in court.

A diversion

Our best theft lawyers in San Marcos, CA, have sufficient knowledge of the legal system. Therefore, they are able to prevent the court from convicting the first-time offender. In addition, the court will seal the details regarding the case as well. If the theft item is valued at $50 or less, the judge will minimize the charges to an infraction. As a result, the offense does not become a crime.

Consequently, the client will have to pay a fine. The lawyers will convince the prosecution and the judge to drop the charges if their client repays the monetary value of the stolen item. Moreover, the defense lawyer will also suggest community service.

Hire the best theft lawyers in San Marcos for a Not guilty verdict!

Of course, the circumstances of the theft case have led to a courtroom battle. Our lawyers will never hesitate to represent you in front of the judge. Contact us today to schedule an obligation-free first meeting.