How Sex Crimes Lawyer in Poway, CA, Can Save Your Future?

How Sex Crimes Lawyer in Poway, CA, Can Save Your Future?

Do you need the services of a sex crimes lawyer in Poway, CA? Make no mistake, as no sex-related crime is minor, little, or benign. You are on the path to financial instability, shattered reputation, and living in a cell. Before people start to judge your character, hire expert help.

Different sex crimes in Poway, CA


You will need the services of a sex crimes lawyer in Poway, CA, if someone is accused of rape. Regardless of the nature of the crime, you must seek legal help. The expert will help you differentiate between statutory and date rape.

The crime involves sexual intercourse with another person without their consent. The prosecution will bring up rape charges if:

  • The defendant has used force or violence the commit the crime
  • The defendant threatened the victim before raping them.

Unfortunately, the victim could not consent because of intoxication. Furthermore, the crime also involved controlled substances. Also, the accused knew of the consequences of the intoxication.

Lastly, the victim could not consent because of mental incapability. They have physical stability as well.

Prosecution will insist on rape charges if the victim was unconscious or asleep while the crime was taking place. Also, the accused committed used fraud to rape the victim.

Sexual Assault and Battery

The California Penal Code Section 243.4 talks about sexual battery. The crime involves an individual touching someone’s body parts without their permission. The act aims to attain sexual arousal. In addition, other aims are sexual abuse and gratification.

The law defines body parts as someone’s buttocks, anus, groin, breast, and reproductive parts. The prosecution will apply the sexual battery charges in numerous circumstances. The law will charge you with sexual battery for inappropriate touching in the following circumstances.

  1. Firstly, the accused had illegally restrained the victim. The crime involved an accomplice.
  2. The accused is unaware of the crime because they claim it was for professional reasons.
  3. Lastly, the consent was absent because the victim was on medication or was mentally impaired.
  4. The prosecution can charge sexual battery as a felony or a misdemeanor. Since it is a wobbler crime, you will need guidance from a sex crimes lawyer in Poway, CA.

Child pornography

You must immediately contact a sex crimes lawyer in Poway, CA, if the prosecution is charging you with child pornography. The crime involves illegally possessing, watching, and producing absent content involving minors. In other words, it is visual content depicting individuals of less than 18 years of age engaging sexually.

If the agents have arrested you with child pornography, the outcomes are severe. You can lose your reputation in society. Therefore, speak to our sex crimes lawyer in Poway, CA, and we will start fighting for your stance today.

Lewd crimes

The services of our sex crimes lawyer in Poway, CA, are available for indecent exposure acts. The crime involves someone exposing their reproductive organs in a public location. As a result, everyone is offended and shamed.

  1. For a successful conviction, the prosecution must prove the following
  2. The accused acted on their belt
  3. The accident took place in a public place. The incident had witnesses
  4. The accused exposed themselves for sexual arousal or sexual offense.
  5. The first-time lewd acts crime is a midseason. However, the penalties will increase with repeated arrests.

The law states that the sex crimes lawyers in Poway, CA, are felonies or misdemeanors. Therefore, the punishment varies according to the nature of the crime and the circumstances. You can face a lot of years in state prison for severe crimes.

If the court convicts you of a sexual crime, you will:

  1. Firstly, pay heavy monetary fines.
  2. Secondly, the judge will sentence you to spend time in the county jail or state prison.
  3. Lastly, you are put on probation.

Similarly, misdemeanor charges also result in monetary fines and jail time. Therefore, consult with a sex crimes lawyer in Poway, CA, to avoid an uncertain future.

Regardless of the type of crime, the collateral damages are a lot more severe. Here is the list of additional damages if you are convicted of a sex crime.

  1. Firstly, the details go on a permanent record.
  2. You cannot obtain sufficient housing.
  3. In addition, you have trouble finding a job
  4. You may face immigration challenges
  5. Unfortunately, you will lose child custody. Visitation rights are taken from you.
  6. You will have to attend court-ordered therapy or counseling.
  7. Regular parole or probation appointments.
  8. Moreover, you will lose your professional license.
  9. You will have to do community service.
  10. Consequently, you can no longer own a gun.
  11. Lastly, you cannot vote.

You will have to register as a sex offender on Megan’s website. Law enforcement and the neighborhood can check the details at any time. It is a public forum that enlists information about convictions and crimes. As a result, you will face difficulty in getting a job, a house, or a loan.

Which defenses do the sex crimes lawyer in Poway, CA, use?

The penalties for sex crimes are very severe. However, they do not apply without evidence. There are many defenses that the sex crimes lawyer in Poway, CA, will use so the court dismisses the case. As a result, the charges are reduced.

No two sex crimes are identical. The experience of the sex crimes lawyer in Poway, CA, will determine the details of the strategy. You can count on our firm for an effective layout to win the case. Here is how we fight criminal charges

The victim is confused about the identity. Also, the lawyer has established the alibi.

  1. Furthermore, the victim gave consent to the sexual act.
  2. The lawyer will challenge the evidence that the prosecution presents.
  3. Our lawyer will challenge the credibility of the witness.
  4. Lastly, the lawyer will argue about constitutional and Miranda violations.

Unfortunately, sex crimes go to court even when the allegations are false. If someone has been wrongly accused of a crime, hire our defense lawyers. They will locate the evidence for your acquittal.

Meet with the sex crimes lawyer in Poway, CA, for free

In sex crimes, the prosecution must prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, our sex crimes lawyer in Poway, CA, will come up with a robust strategy to prove your evidence. They will establish doubt so the prosecution argument falls apart. Contact us via phone or email for an initial consultation today.