Everything You Need to Know About Fraud Lawyers In El Cajon, CA

Everything You Need to Know About Fraud Lawyers In El Cajon, CA

Fraud is a grave offense that you should not take lightly. If convicted, your life will alter forever negatively because the charges will travel with you. The judge can impose a jail sentence and a large fine depending on the crime and the financial value. Therefore, knowledgeable fraud lawyers in El Cajon, CA, will take care of you before the world sees you differently.

What is fraud in El Cajon, CA?

Many forms of fraud take place that the people are committing in El Cajon. As a result, it influences the way the court and the judge interpret the actions. The most fraudulent crimes in El Cajon are credit card and bank fraud. In addition, prescription fraud is also common. Individuals are also committing money laundering and tax fraud.

The state will charge you with fraud if you fabricate financial documents, employee IDs, or other documents that misrepresent the actual events. If you wish to know about fraud and how the court sees it, consult with our fraud lawyers in El Cajon, CA, who have unlimited knowledge of the penal law to defend your case.

Different forms of fraud in El Cajon, CA

Identity Fraud

When an individual sells, transfers, and provides the identity of another individual without their consent, their actions are fraudulent. Moreover, they intend to commit a crime. If you are facing these charges, fraud lawyers in El Cajon, CA, will say you are violating Penal Code 530.5. the clause makes it illegal for a person to acquire an object or property using the information of someone else.

Identity fraud involves an additional robbery offense because of the intent. Moreover, the punishment factors in the value of the subject matter. If the value is less than $950, the judge will apply petty theft punishment. On the other hand, the court will apply grand theft charges if the value exceeds $950.

Insurance Fraud

You will need to hire fraud lawyers in El Cajon, CA if you are facing problems with car, business, homeowners, life, and health insurance. Foremost, insurance fraud includes someone pretending for a disability or injury. Consequently, they gain worker’s compensation illegally.

When someone enters false information into their policy, they attain results they do not rightfully deserve. California Insurance Section 1871 clearly states an individual is giving wrongful data to the provider or another person. As a result, they gain money and services which the person does not deserve.

Credit Card Fraud

The legal system categorizes credit card fraud as a white-collar crime. The crime involves stealing or using someone’s credit card without the holder’s consent. Consequently, the thief uses the credit card to buy items without the owner’s approval.

The agencies will track and monitor the credit card fraudulent moments. Moreover, they will prosecute you aggressively. Therefore, you need fraud lawyers in El Cajon, CA, who are versed in their careers. They will fight the charges against you that the District Attorney’s office is presenting. Furthermore, credit card companies also have special fraud departments. The laws in California are very direct and specific, with harsh penalties.

Welfare Fraud

Lastly, welfare fraud involves a person presenting misleading information to access funds from California sponsorship programs for the less privileged. The person may have committed fraud internally using the welfare of employees. In addition, if the public commits an illegal act, it is called recipient fraud.

The agencies will charge the criminal with the Welfare and Institutions Code 10980 PC if they give falsified information to attain funds for which they are ineligible. Furthermore, the agencies will also charge you if you submit an application with a different name. Lastly, it is also fraud to apply with the intention of collecting multiple benefits.

What are the penalties for fraud in El Cajon?

When the court finds you guilty of fraud, the judge can incarcerate or fine you. However, both outcomes are probable. The penalty factors in the severity of the events and the type of fraud mentioned in the crime. Also, the prosecution will present the state and federal laws the accused violated. Other factors that determine the penalty are the amount of money, methods to conduct fraud, and the location.

If the judge charges the accused with a misdemeanor, they will impose a sign of a few thousand dollars. On the other hand, if the court charges the accused with a fraudulent felony, the charges increase to at least $10,000. The judge can increase the punishment with restitution, where the criminal rectifies the victim’s damages. If severe fraud is involved, the prosecution suggests jail time.

Our fraud lawyers in El Cajon, CA, help the clients understand the penalties that they might face if the jury finds them guilty. Therefore, we do our best to reach the best resolution.

Which defenses do the fraud lawyers in El Cajon, CA, use?

Firstly, the fraud lawyers in El Cajon, CA, will defend an auto insurance case. They will argue that the accused did not intend to fraud the company. Furthermore, the lawyers will stress there is a lack of evidence for the case to move forward. As a result, the judge will set the accused free.

Secondly, if the person has committed bank fraud, fraud lawyers in El Cajon, CA, will say the individual did not know about the balance in the account. As a result, they wrote the check without sufficient knowledge. In addition, fraud lawyers in El Cajon, CA, can also say their client did not have sufficient ends before they wrote the cheque.

In short, the best fraud lawyers in El Cajon, CA, will come up with the best legal strategy to prove you did not have malicious intentions. Furthermore, they can prove the witness mistook the identity for someone else. Furthermore, the lawyers can argue that their client was coerced. Thus, they committed the crime.

Are the police charging you with fraud?

You are completely surprised when the agency is charging you with fraud. Therefore, you must know who to contact when the setbacks are occurring. Do not worry because help is on the way!

When the agency and police are with you, try to stay quiet. Do not answer questions. If you argue, the agencies will use the word against you in court. Therefore, you must know your Miranda rights. Furthermore, offer your name before they read the rights. In addition, mention you wish to contact the best fraud lawyers in El Cajon, CA. Reach out to us for the best defense via phone or email.